Help me make a music video!

Help me make a music video!

Hey! You! Yes, you, with the screen!

I'm making a music video! I've asked the experts over at The Doubleclicks to help me make a collaborative collage video for my new song "Pantsuit Sasquatch," and I'm seeking YOUR collaboration!

For examples of what I mean by a "collage video," here are some examples:

My new song "Pantsuit Sasquatch" is from the perspective of a lady who is taking some time for self-reflection as she walks through the woods around her house.
It's a song about making peace with your choices, forgiving yourself your mistakes, and taking the high road out.
It's a song about moving forward.

The prompt is simple: I would like you to take a vertical video on your phone, of your feet, carrying you forward.

If your feet are generally not the thing that carries you around, that's OK! However you come into contact with the crust of the earth, get footage of that.
  1. Review the Logistical Notes (below)
  2. Take a video no longer than 20 seconds & send it (via Google Drive / Dropbox / etc) to, with the subject line "Pantsquatch video".
  3. Fill out this form, authorizing me to use your footage & to credit you correctly!

The deadline is August 11th at midnight PT!


Requirements / Guidelines

The video must be vertical.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 5.04.56 PM.png
I recommend just recording with your phone. Do not shoot video on hardware that cannot produce a vertical file. I won't rotate/use any files that arrive horizontal.
Footage out of apps like Instagram or Snapchat = OK, but don't send me footage decorated with stuff!

The video should have your feet at the very very bottom of the frame, and the ground in front of you for the rest of it.
(see Example screenshots below)

The file must be less than 1GB in size, and no longer than 30 seconds.
Please do not submit more than one file — Just pick the best one, I trust your judgment!

If you'd like to send additional things, you can opt in on the form to receive additional, more specific requests for footage as needed. There is no guarantee that such a need will arise, but I'll know for sure once I start editing!

Do your best to record footage OUT OF THE HOUSE in the DAYTIME.

If you're like me, you also prefer to avoid the tyrannical day star that Normals call "the sun." But, I'm only asking for a short piece of footage, so you don't have to stay outside very long.

STAY AWARE of your surroundings! Do not put yourself or others in any peril just to get an interesting piece of footage! Stay on the trails, don't approach wild animals, don't do your own stunts. SAFETY FIRST.

You can go barefoot / wear sandals, but clean your feet! I will never tell you that you have gross feet, but I reserve the right not to include gross feet in my video.

I hope it goes without saying, but please do not send any material that doesn't fit this prompt.
This includes still images, and any body part that isn't your legs & feet. GOT IT?

Here is my recommended camera technique:

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Hold your phone flat & parallel to the ground (like a magic carpet).
  3. Press the bottom end of the phone (where the plug end & microphone often are) flat against your tummy, right above your belly button. This stabilizes your arm holding the phone while you move.
  4. When you open the camera, tilt your phone so that your feet are at the very bottom of the screen.
    • Your feet should always be in the frame, your shirt should stay out of the frame.
  5. Hit record, keeping your phone pressed against your tummy to stabilize. 
  6. Move slightly more carefully than you normally would.
    • Pretend you're balancing a glass of water on the screen of your phone.
      (Do not literally do that.)
      Imagine the cup of water as you walk. If you would spill the water, the video is gonna be shaky and weird.
      Take slow, smooth steps until the water stays in the cup. I promise it's not going to look as awkward as it may feel.

Style Tips

Try to find a terrain more interesting than sidewalk or asphalt. Even plain grass is more interesting than plain concrete.

Walking footage is preferred, but standing is often justifiable (see Examples). What's more important than walking / moving is if your image is visually interesting.

A little bit of motion blur is totally normal, especially on a phone camera! That's why it's important to stabilize your camera-holding arm so that all the motion comes from your feet.

It is OK to take 20 seconds of footage where "nothing happens."
When all these videos come together in the edit, something will happen.

The object is not to get footage of the place to which you are going, but rather to get footage of you going there.

    Feel free to get creative within the guidelines!

    Generally, if your footage is...

    • vertical
    • of your feet & the ground ahead
    • shot outdoors in the daytime
    • not too blurry / shaky
    • no more than 20 secs / 1GB

    ...then it probably makes the cut.

    Stumped on where to video your feet? Consider...

    • approaching something on the ground, like a cool plaque or a street art
    • approaching & summarily petting a dog
    • walking a pet (most likely a dog but I won't assume)
    • walking through automatic doors at your grocery store (SAFETY FIRST)
    • some really loud patterned carpet like in an airport or conference center
    • standing on a downward escalator (SAFETY FIRST)
    • lightly kicking a sports spheroid (SAFETY FIRST)

    ...and that's it!

    The deadline to contribute a video is
    SATURDAY August 11th at midnight PT.