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New video: "Road Trip"

Look at the frivolous amount of hair I used to have. Listen to how hard-panned-to-the-left I used to sound.

This song is new and old at the same time.

It was the first song idea I ever had, back in 2007 when the story of Lisa Nowak's arrest first broke, but I thought of it in terms of "That's a great story - Someone should write that into a song!" (Little did I know at the time that I could be the someone who wrote that song.)

The items listed in the song are all things she had in her possession at the time of her arrest, according to her arrest report (via The Smoking Gun). I've since learned that the diapers she admitted to wearing to avoid stopping were not Depends™ brand diapers as I name in the song, but what they call "space diapers," i.e. the diapers that astronauts wear during spacewalks, launch, and reentry. These are the diapers astronauts wear as they are being launched into space, and the gravity from our earth is pushing the poop out of them.

So, they are professional-grade diapers.
But I kept "Depends™" in the song, because it rhymes with "friends."

I paid a visit to the parking lot at Orlando airport where Ms. Nowak was arrested. As a rite of pilgrimage, I dumped some diapers in a trash can and ran away.

I'm still fascinated by this story because Ms. Nowak is clearly a brilliant lady — she was a robotics engineer on the ISS, for pete's sake. Do you know how overqualified for your job you have to be for them to send you up to do that job in space??

So when Lisa Nowak decided to go confront her romantic rival Colleen Shipman in Orlando, she clearly made a plan. It's hard for a layperson to look at the list of stuff and tell exactly what her plan was, but there are is a strange clarity and focus to the general batty variety of things she brought with her. It allowed us a glimpse of what happens with a sharp, analytical mind gets a few screws loose — what it is to be rational, and completely irrational, at once.


My mom and I paid a visit to some of our oldest friends in Tennessee last month, and I had a whale of a time catching up with everybody. Gideon here can play basically everything, but I asked him to lend some guitar to this song, and we roughed out this version of "Road Trip" right before I had to leave for the airport (oh, holy crap, this song is also about a lady going to an airport, I just put that together - Hey!) Gideon & I have known each other since we were in diapers ourselves, so I'm pleased that he was game to join me for my one song that has a diapers joke in it.

He recorded & mixed the audio, I taped my phone to a music stand — I think we make a pretty good team! We also added a few extra bits & bobs throughout, and I hope you enjoy listening for them as much as we enjoyed discovering that they fit.