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End of summer wrap up

This summer has been Busy with a capital B (and that rhymes with P and that stands for "[I'm] Pooped out").

This summer I played at San Diego ComicCon, GenCon, GeekyCon, PAX Prime, and DragonCon – and if that weren't enough, I also just wrapped an 7-city #NerdNightOut tour on the east coast with The Doubleclicks and Joseph Scrimshaw.
It's very nice to be home.

I don't know a lot about how to plan & promote a tour, and so I respect the heck out of Angela & Joseph for all the work they do in putting these shows together. They're super fun folks to tour with, and I'm always pleased as punch whenever they invite me out to play.

The Doubleclicks & Joseph totally killed it every night, and everyone's hair looked great. Aubrey did the Lord's work in driving us from stop to stop, and Tetris-ing all our crap back into the van every day.

While we were stuck in a van for anywhere between 4 and 9 hours a day, Angela and I taught Joseph how to use Snapchat. The kid's a natural!

One of the neatest things about this tour was the variety of venues we played in. We were set up in bars, rock clubs, coffee shops, and dance halls, and it was a real treat to watch each of these spaces transform as they filled up with a bunch of smiling nerds. You all are gosh darn delights.

So thank you, Doubleclicks and Joseph for a great tour.  Thank you Ken Plume & Aaron Fever for a great DragonCon, and thank Cards Against Humanity for a great PAX and GenCon, and thank everybody else all the time, EVERYBODY IS GREAT.

But I can't put my feet up yet! Next week I'm playing with The Doubleclicks at TopatoCon in Northampton, MA! and then in November I'm playing the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival and TWO MORE #NerdNightOut shows!

And if that weren't enough, I'm also launching this spiffy new website!