Molly Lewis

I play the ukulele & write songs

Brace yourselves: "Thanksgiving vs. Christmas" is coming!

The complete pre-orders for Thanksgiving vs. Christmas are now open!

Last year I wrote a musical called Thanksgiving vs. Christmas, with the help of my friends Josh A. Cagan and Joseph Scrimshaw. We put it up at The Triple Door in Seattle, so that we could use their state-of-the-art sound system to record it and later present it as an album. During the show, we began collecting pre-orders for the digital album.

I subsequently stowed in a hard drive in my desk for a number of months, because I was too exhausted to even think about listening to it. THEN, I got off my butt and found professionals to mix, edit, and master it, and NOW IT'S READY.

Because this project means so much to me (and I had such a great time putting it together), I've put together two special features to accompany the show.

  •  The "Extra Gravy" edition includes 11 bonus tracks, including bloopers from the show, and the original demos that I sent to the performers to teach them their songs!
  • Also, I sat down with co-writer Josh A. Cagan and director/narrator Joseph Scrimshaw, and we recorded a cozy behind-the-scenes commentary.

Pre-orders are open now, available only through Bandcamp! All the digital albums release on October 20th, and the CDs should start shipping before the end of the year.

Click the album covers for more info!