Molly Lewis

I play the ukulele & write songs

Desert Bus!

I'm back from an extended stay on Loading Ready Run's Moonbase, with Desert Bus For Hope!

I wrote a Desert Bus-themed Hamilton parody for their big opening. I wasn't able to be at the Moonbase when they performed it (I was recording with Vixy & Tony that weekend! You'll see those soon), but I watched the stream and cheered them on from chat.

Shoutout to Kara, who made sure everybody knew their parts & practiced a couple times, and to Jason, who made it look entirely legit.

Of potential interest to probably no one, here is the demo track I sent them, with the lyrics.

It was for sale during the run of Desert Bus For Hope, and I'm sorry I forgot to tell you! but in fairness, I also forgot that I have a website.

Of potentially greater interest, here are some videos of me being a goof For The Children.