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The Peanuts Gallery

I've started a podcast! with my friend (and musical collaborator) Josh A. Cagan called The Peanuts Gallery, in which we review & discuss the animated Charlie Brown & Peanuts specials (NOT including The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, but if you'd like to start a podcast about that, you have our blessing).

art by Lar deSouza

art by Lar deSouza

It's fun! We're almost to the end of our first season (the 1960s), and we've already made great strides! Here are the things we've determined about the Peanuts TV universe so far:

  • Most of the time, Charlie Brown brings his problems upon himself.
  • The children run roughshod, with almost no (often needed) disciplinary intervention from adults.
    • We have speculated that all the adults in the Peanuts universe were caught in some kind of large scale, horrific accident that turned them into speechless meat lumps, and you'd be surprised how rarely these specials make any effort to dissuade us from this theory.
  • Bill Melendez has an industry-leading mustache, and his voice work as Snoopy is equally heroic.

Check it out on Simplecast or on iTunes!