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DragonCon! Fixed up website!

Hey! It's been a while. Your hair looks great.

Two orders of business:

My DragonCon schedule!

This week I head to DragonCon in Atlanta for a weekend of comedy + geeking out + friendship + drinking!

 Complete schedule available here!

Here are a few highlights:

Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas panel

Friday 11:30AM @ Hyatt Regency VI-VII

The first ever panel about Thanksgiving vs. Christmas!
Join me, Josh A. Cagan (writer), Joseph Scrimshaw (director/narrator), and The Doubleclicks (special guests) in conversation with Aaron Fever about the brand new holiday musical we wrote & produced in 2014 called Thanksgiving vs. Christmas.

Gonzoroo: The Deep Hurting Summertime Special

Saturday 8:00PM @ Marriott Atrium Ballroom

Dr. Forrester & TV's Frank (seriously!) host an evening of music & comedy, starring literally all your favorite people: Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, The Doubleclicks, Joseph Scrishaw, Scott Adsit, Doc Hammer, Cecil Baldwin, Dana Snyder, the Mythbusters Build Team, and also I'm in there somehow.
(If you told 5-year-old Molly that she'd play in a variety show hosted by Dr. Forrester & TV's Frank, she'd probably ask if it would involve her being shot into space.)

Gonzo Quiz Show


Panelists include Scott Adsit, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett, Dana Snyder, and at least 49% of Paul and Storm. Hosted by Ken Plume & Aaron Fever (who plan to basically pelt you with prizes & giveaways).
At one of these once I saw Doc Hammer eat a whole apple (stem & seeds and all); another year I saw Joseph Scrimshaw perform a totally made-up dance of seduction. I can't vouch for anything that's going to happen, but whatever it is, you won't want to miss it.

More detailed info & complete schedule on my Shows page.


Also, I redesigned my website!

Now with 100% more purple!

I've moved some pages around, and made everything generally more intuitive & tablet-friendly. Hopefully it's (1) easier to navigate, and (2) not too purple.

The Hamilton name generator is right where I left it, though, don't worry.


That's all for now. Give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments here if I'll see you at DragonCon!