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Ukulele Melee! Cruise! Waffle Media!

Friends, romans, blog readers:

JOCO CRUISE is upon us / me / others (?)

I wasn't how to do Ukulele Melee on this one because this year they've chartered a whole dang ship, but the chips have fallen where they may and I can confirm that there will be a Ukulele Melee on this JoCo Cruise!

and because it's a whole ship full o nerds, I'm going to need some assistance in a big way, especially in helping new Sea Monkeys learn the uke basics so they can jam with us. There's going to be more Sea Monkeys, and so there are going to be way more ukes, probably more than any previous JoCo Cruise!

If you're going on JoCo Cruise and are interested in helping me with the Ukulele Melee next week, please check out @UkuleleMelee before you board, and after boarding come to our FIRST meeting on Sunday at 9am at the Sea View Pool on deck 9.
It isn't on the schedule, because it's a shadow-shadow-cruise event (and also aforementioned thing about falling chips).

If you don't want to volunteer but just want to jam, then come to the Sea View Pool at 9am *any* day!

If you're not going on JoCo Cruise, you are going to get a FULL REPORT on the Ukulele Melee next week when we are out of the ocean, and then I will return to my lifestyle of Avoiding Contact With Direct Sunlight.

Waffle Media!

I've recently become Lead Producer at Waffle Media, a video/podcast collective founded by me and my partner Ben "the Dandy Geek." (When I say "recently," I mean that while I was trying to describe what I do at Waffle in this post, I Googled "Lead Producer" to see if that was a thing and went 'yep, that's basically it.')

We've got all kinds of stuff on the burners: gaming streams, podcasts, panel shows, educational series... We're making some fun & interesting stuff, and I've really enjoyed sinking my teeth into the process of putting the team together & getting the ships out on time — but never fear! I'll always keep my music videos to myself, even if they get the friends & family discount on podcast theme songs.

That's all!

It's going to be a very creative & productive year at Molly Lewis Industries, I can already tell!

— M