It’s the first week of November and you’ve popped into your local drugstore to pick up some clearance-priced Halloween candy, because you’re a grown-ass adult who deserves a treat sometimes. You breeze past the endcap crammed with spooky garbage and head straight to the sweets aisle – but then, just as you reach for the largest bag of Smarties, your hand is stayed by… Could it be… Christmas music already?!

Christmas has some nerve to bulldoze over the whole end of the calendar year, and singer-songwriter / #1 Thanksgiving fan Molly Lewis has had enough!
So, Molly has taken it upon herself to host her own Thanksgiving holiday special, complete with:

  • belly laughs

  • actual human emotion

  • ALL NEW holiday tunes

Written with Josh A. Cagan (The DUFF, Kim Possible) and featuring guest appearances from extra-talented friends —including RiffTrax’s Kevin Murphy as Santa Claus— this special is the new Thanksgiving tradition you’ve been waiting for!

The perfect addition to your car’s CD player as you drive to/from your family holiday!
Order ASAP to ensure delivery before Thanksgiving!

Buy Thanksgiving vs. Christmas soundtrack

Buy Thanksgiving vs. Christmas (extra gravy)

Still undecided?
Then feast your ears on
“The Pumpkin Spice Lament”