Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

is a brand new holiday special I wrote with my friend Josh A. Cagan, in the spirit of A Charlie Brown Christmas and Christmas At PeeWee's Playhouse. It features 11 new original songs, written specifically for an all-star cast of some of our favorite superfriends.

Features Joseph Scrimshaw as the omniscient storybook narrator, Kevin W. Murphy as Santa Claus, Vixy & Tony as the house band – and The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, Seth Boyer, The Mongrel Jews, Nicole Dieker, Kiri Callaghan, and Molly Lewis as themselves.

Ring this bell if you have any questions  ðŸ›Ž


A new holiday musical, featuring 11 new & original songs!

performed live at The Triple Door in Seattle, WA.

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Includes a bonus disc of behind-the-scenes material

& a full-color book of photos from the show 

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